Super-high impact business and military-minded game changer!

Super-high impact business and military-minded game changer!

Super-high impact business and military-minded game changer! Super-high impact business and military-minded game changer! Super-high impact business and military-minded game changer!

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Looking to learn about real estate investing?

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Looking to develop and improve your MINDSET? 

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Military House Hacking


An Amazon Best-Seller!

Learn the mindset and the strategies behind what we believe is the best FIRST STEP towards achieving financial freedom through real estate investing!

Blueprint to Financial Success!


This is literally a STEP-BY-STEP process that shows you how to establish your financial foundation so you can create financial freedom and build the wealth you NEED!

VA Loan Mastery Course!


- Learn the origins of the VA Loan: What it is, Who qualifies, and How you can get started!

- We take you through the process from start to finish, from pre-qualification to closing on your first home, we've got your six!

- We’ll show you all the different types of VA Loan products available to you!

- We give specific examples of how one could be successful at systematically building their wealth using the VA Loan!

The Success Mindset!


This is a playbook, a guide to live by if you want to establish your success mindset. 

Achieve a success mindset and experience EVERY facet of your life improve!

All-in-One Credit System!


This is an all-in-one guide to help you repair, build, and maintain top-notch credit scores with secrets and a simple, step-by-step guide!

What People Have to Say About Tim...


Mr. "Thread the Needle!”

Don’t sign up if you’re expecting to just 

”feel good.”

He will push you to your limits, hold you accountable, and constantly be forcing you to your potential!


The mentorship and education he brings to his clients is second to none!

I’ve been utterly impressed with his ability to bring people on track with their financial foundation and real estate Investing. 

He does a fantastic job pushing pushing people towards their goals!

If you’re looking for a good coach and a man that will bring you to the next level, Tim Kelly is the one who will bring you there!

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend him!


He is a person who has had a great impact on my life... 

And the future of my family is getting a whole lot better, because of him...

Tim Kelly has been a great mentor in helping me to identify the greatness in me. And see that I am greater than the great I thought I was. 

What I like Tim... the goals he gave me aren’t his... he listened to me so he can understand where I want to go and the things that are important to me. 

Thank you for not being selfish and sharing who you are with myself and others!


Tim helps me get from A to B in real estate through bi-monthly calls. 

I’ve learned more about real estate in a much quicker time!

I highly recommend him and I am really happy with his coaching!


He’s very successful and the REAL DEAL!

He is truly inspiring, and motivating!

Please look him up!


When I hear Tim Kelly, one word comes to mind...


If you want somebody who is knowledgeable, respectful, has integrity, and can take you to the next level... to me, that is Tim Kelly!

Amazing guy, and his coaching is worth it’s weight in gold!


I’ve known Tim for 10 years and he has always been of a mindset of “no excuses.”

He has dedicated his life to help others get out of the “American nightmare,” see the dream and achieve financial freedom. 

If you need a coach that will show you how... Tim Kelly will help you do that!


Tim is a phenomenal guy!

He is so candid with his coaching, and he will start with square one and help you succeed!

He‘s got a ton of experience, and you cannot go wrong with his coaching program, regardless of what phase of business you are in. 

Tim is a mentor to me and I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish the things I have done without his help and mentorship. 

Not only would I trust him with my LIFE, as a brother in arms, but I also trust him with my wealth!

Get in touch with and schedule a call!

More Testimonials...


I highly recommend coaching, and especially with Tim Kelly. 

I was very hesitant about doing it... 

1) I was doing pretty well so far...

2) The Financial part of it...

3) Is it really going to work for me?

I am very happy with the results I’ve gained from embarking on this relationship with Tim and I highly recommend it to anybody. 

The simple fact is... everything you know has gotten you to this point right now...

And to get past that point, you’ve got to have new information!

He puts it into a format that is tailor made for each individual, and such as he has done with me. 

Coaching is definitely the wave of the future and I highly suggest it!


Tim Kelly, will help you stay laser-focused on the right thing, and you’ll do it well. 

Not only does Tim practice what he preaches, he’s been quite successful himself!”


I just went through a financial counseling with Tim and it was AMAZING!

Tim sat down and went through my financial goals both short term and long term. 

This is the first time in my life I feel good about my financial future!

Tim is the real deal!


For me, Tim has been a great asset! 

His wealth of knowledge has allowed me to explore different investing strategies, but more importantly he’s helped me understand that real estate investing is more about mindset than what your resources are. 

Tim’s Coaching will definitely help you reach your real estate investing adventures!

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Podcasts Tim has been Featured On!

BiggerPockets Podcast!


When does one plus one equal WAY more than two? Real estate partnerships! 

On this episode of The BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with two real estate investors (Jay Helms and Tim Kelly) who were attempting to build their business alone, but found they could do far more together. In this fun and fast-paced interview, you’ll learn what makes their partnership so successful, as well as how the team analyzes a market (including several can’t-miss online research websites), and how they took down a 42-unit apartment complex using some pretty fantastic creative financing. 

Whether you plan to build your empire alone or alongside a partner, this episode is sure to give you a variety of tips and strategies to help your business take off.

Listen to the podcast here:

Or, watch it on YouTube Here:

Heroic Investing Podcast!


Gary Pinkerton talks with Tim Kelly, active duty Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy and founder of Kelly Housing Group, about how he's been able to do real estate investing while being on active duty, finding the right group to help you scale up as a person, and how to succeed in real estate investing!

Entrepreneurs Circle Podcast!


Tim Kelly - U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer based out of Pensacola, Florida tells us about his journey. 

Only 4 years into investing he bought his primary home, then eventually picked up a 4-plex. From there he purchased a 42-unit apartment complex through syndication and has now been purchasing mobile home parks by the hundreds!

Through partnerships, connections, mindset, reading, exercise, faith, and more… Tim has formed the Kelly Housing Group, is the Senior managing partner of the Affordable Housing Group and co-authored his new book called. “Military House Hacking: How to Live for Free, Earn Passive Income and Create Generational Wealth” now available on Amazon!

Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast!


In this episode of The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Tim Kelly, Founder of Kelly Investment Group in Pensacola, FL.  

Tim began his investing career by house hacking while still serving full-time as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy in Pensacola. With a few more multifamily deals under his belt, Tim “switched teams” so to speak to investing almost exclusively in Mobile Home Communities! 

Enjoy this episode as the two dissect the strategies for raising funds for your first deals, and other due diligence principles

Active Duty Passive Income Podcast!


Check out this awesome interview with Tim Kelly! He is a legend in the game and is committed to the ADPI mission. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Real Estate Investor, and former guest on the Bigger Pockets Podcast!

The Daily Real Estate Investor Podcast!


In today's episode, we interview Timothy Kelly, from of the Active Duty Passive Income team. 

Timothy scaled from 0 to 600 units through multifamily syndication in only 2 years. Timothy believes in taking massive action while making no excuses and shares his tips and tricks for building your portfolio through multifamily investing. 

Timothy was also a former guest on the Bigger Pockets podcast (episode 282). 

In this episode we discuss the 203k loan, how to syndicate a multifamily deal, raising money, structuring financing, and buying outside your immediate market area. You will enjoy this one, so take some notes!

W2 Capitalist Podcast - “Ask Me Anything”


A few questions asked and discussed...

🎤 How does operational risk compare from multifamily to MHP's?

🎤 What is the best piece of advice you can give when things just don’t seem to workout as you planned them to?

🎤 Why do you prefer MHP over all the other commercial RE?

🎤 Can you use a VA loan from a spouse to cash-out refinance a primary residence under someone else's name?

🎤 When we are talking large multifamily syndication (especially value add), there is always a very clear cut “exit strategy” with backup strategies as well... What are some MHP exit strategies? 

🎤 With the increased interest of late in this niche, I could see this helping but are you worried about what this might look like in 4-5 years and how do you continue to cultivate interested investors while not adding too much competition for yourself? 

🎤 How do you entice good Lonnie dealers?

🎤 How to find a competent manager in a complete turnover park in a new market?

The Alignment Podcast!


“Align your business, fitness, and health by talking to those who have found success in doing so.”

We dove into a bit of my investing journey, as well as all things business, fitness, and health!

The Lessons in Real Estate Show!


Learn->Network->Take Action

-Get to know your potential partner by hanging out with them and really, truly getting to know them

-Partnerships are like marriages: you are stuck for life

-Keys to forming the perfect Partnership: know your strengths and weaknesses then find others to fill those gaps

Snapshot Round:

  1. What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started? Know your why. Peel back 10 layers deep and know your why in your soul. Having a compass will get you through the rough times.
  2. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? Grow every single day.
  3. What is your dream? Living it now. Doing ADPI and investing full time. Make babies and spend time with the family.

The Multifamily Real Estate Experiment Podcast!


We dove deep into:


✅ Different types of mindsets

✅ What is the success mindset all about

✅ How to achieve a success mindset-

And all kinds of other valuable content!

Capital Hacking Podcast


We have an intense boot camp with Tim as he discusses how to house hack with a VA loan, the properties he’s acquired, and how to focus on your mindset. We also discuss the cons of mutual funds, and the 5 profit centers of real estate!

The W2 Capitalist Podcast!


Part 1 of a series, successful Mobile Home Park investors Tim & Sydney discuss how they find, analyze and secure assets with owner financing. 

Key Takeaways:

• 27 Space Park in Alabama (repositioning)

• 75 Space Park in Indiana (Closed)

• 154 Space Park in Illinois (under contract)

• Always, always, always talk about Investing

• Know City Ordinances

• Ideal Investing Criteria for MHPs

• Seller Bonding is HIGHLY Important

• Sending an intro video via VHS

• Create a credibility book 

• The Power of the ADPI 

Life Worth Chasing


Takeaways and Key Topics: 

House Hacking is best way to start Real Estate Investing 

Ready. Fire. Aim >>> Creative Action Taker 

2014 Bought a 4-Plex then straight to 42 Unit Building 

Started at 30 years old 

Made the decision on Multi-Fam due to goals of FI 

B/C Multi-Fam and 3-5 Star Mobile Home Parks in South East and Mid-West 

Hone in on Financial Foundation before investing 

Deal finding > Broker Relations + Capacity to Close 

Use Time Blocking to Manage Time 

Morning Routine: 

4am > 9am Mind Feed, Self Dev and Health 

9am > 5pm Work, Biz Dev 

5pm > 9pm Family, Social, Self Dev 

#1 Actionable Tip is Self-Development Daily 

Men of Abundance Podcast!


Creating passive income starts with figuring out your baseline and getting back to the basics. 

Once you know where every single cent is going, you can start implementing the strategies and mindset discussed in todays conversation!

We discussed: 

🤜🏼 Creating Passive Income

🤜🏼 Power of Networking 

🤜🏼 Main differences between the poor and middle class vs. the wealthy

🤜🏼 Killer book recommendations

🤜🏼 Active Duty Passive Income!

🤜🏼 House Hacking

Ready Set Go Real Estate Investing Podcast!


Brandon Elliot is really making a name for himself in the real estate industry!

Here, he and Tim have an extraordinary conversation about everything from investing in real estate while active duty military, to house hacking your way to massive wealth, to scaling from small residential properties to medium and large multi family deals!

Beyond Homo Sapien!


On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I spoke with Tim Kelly about how to operate a profitable real estate side hustle while still working a 9-5 job. 

If you're interested in the mindset and strategy behind running a highly successful "side hustle", this show is a must-listen. 

On this episode, Tim and I discuss the mindset that it takes to operate a successful side hustle that can eventually grow to replace your 9-5 job. 

Here's the issue most folks run into: they get in their own way. They create excuses that are really just hiding various limiting beliefs in plain site.

The MHP Expert Podcast!


We dove into:

👉🏼 Why it’s important to have a relationship with the city

👉🏼 Our favorite approach to converting park owned homes (POH) to tenant owned homes (TOH)

👉🏼 The amazing movement, community and education platform commonly known as Active Duty Passive Income 😎

👉🏼 How becoming a better investor results in becoming a better human

Plus more!

What is Tim really up to...?


Our team strives to educate, mentor and empower active duty military members, veterans, spouses and family to reach financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Our goal is for Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) members to own as much of America as possible.

To provide steadfast commitment to this mission that inspires teamwork, camaraderie and pride through determination, integrity, consistent growth and taking massive action.

As a team, we have banded together to lead from the front and ”practice what we preach,” by actively partnering on commercial multifamily real estate investments. 

First step, fill out the form below!

Invest with us us and invest in America today!

Check out the ADPI Credibility Book!

Team Members






Real Estate Educator & Coach


Adding so much value to real estate investors of all experience levels, Tim extends genuine effort in helping others meet their real estate investing goals!

Tim is now a coach and mentor with the incredible and fast growing community, Active Duty Passive Income.

Active Duty Passive Income is a platform designed for military affiliated individuals who want to learn more about leveraging their benefits properly to set themselves up for financial freedom through real estate investing.

Real Estate Investor & Syndicator


Where clean and safe housing 

meets modern affordability!

Kelly Housing Group acquires and manages multi family properties in emerging markets that produce excellent cash flow during ownership and strong cash distributions at the time of sale. 

In the last couple of years, Tim has established himself in the Real Estate industry FAST!

Financial Foundation & Real Estate Investing RESULTS Coach


Tim knows financial education does not exist in our society or our school system and he quickly became passionate about financially educating others!

Tim is a financial coach because he believes everyone deserves and NEEDS to establish their financial foundation! He specializes in:

- Debt reduction

- Credit repair and building

- Saving and Investing

- Car buying

- Home buying 

All the stuff we should have learned in schools!!

Establishing your financial foundation before investing in real estate, or in anything for that matter, is CRUCIAL!

Tim will educate you and help you get your financial foundation established!

Tim will also simplify the art of real estate investing, and set you up to get you to the next level of your real estate investing journey!

Results! Not excuses!

Contact him today!

Chief Petty Officer, US Navy


For many years, he stood the watch.

While some of us were asleep in our bunks, he stood the watch.

While some of us were at school learning our trades, he stood the watch.

When the storm clouds of war were brewing on the horizon of history, he stood the watch..

Passionate Drummer!


Having played the drums his entire life, Tim has always been passionate about music, seeing live performances, and playing in bands. He is blessed to be able to play music in front of others and share his talents!

More Interviews!

ADPI on The Financial Freedom Journal


Dan Wynn, veteran, badass, all around cool dude and Host of The Financial Freedom Journal, interviews Tim Kelly, Adam LaBarr and Mike Foster from Active Duty, Passive Income in Miami, FL at Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon 3!

Military Investor Network!


Tim Kelly with Kelly Housing Group in Pensacola, FL talks about the advantages of mobile home park and multi family investing through syndications, creating trusted relationships within your network, and how continuous education is paramount to your success!

From Military to Millionaire Interview!


Tim and Dave have a fascinating Conversation about real estate investing while on active duty, personal finance, self education and mind set!!

You know Tim is a HUGE advocate on mindset and they get into the weeds in this show!

Serving in the military - best job for REI


Here, Tim, along with a few other active duty military investors and one veteran, are interviewed by Jay Helms from W2 Capitalist, and they deep dive into all kinds of cool stuff... but primarily, why being active, or have served in the military, is the best job for a real estate investor!

Invest in Your Future!


Kirunda Group interviews Tim and said:

He is making Major Moves! He active duty in the US NAVY, he's acquiring 1,000 units, coaching, mentoring, writing, and helping fellow sailors and marines learn how to get finacially free. Listen to this episode to learn his secrets!

*Bonus* Free coaching call with Tim!

Investor Interview Series with Karlie Trull!


Here, Tim is interviewed by Karlie Trull, a Real Estate agent and investor who is on a quest to reach the lives of as many aspiring and potential real estate investors, at Tim’s primary residence!

Karlie and Tim dive into a whole lot of cool stuff in this quick, 10 minute interview!

Fitness Wealth Podcast!


As part of the “How You Money” series, Host Mike Damazo and Tim dive in to all sorts of cool stuff!

- Investing while active duty military

- How to have an abundance mindset

- The Active Duty Passive Income platform

- Taking charge of your finances and much more!


Tim is an active duty Chief Petty Officer, in the United States Navy and has been serving his country for 14 years. 

Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others realize their financial freedom goals!

Tim has been investing in real estate since 2011 where he purchased his first single family residence with the intention of forcing appreciation and flipping for a profit. That was also his first “house-hack,” and he quickly learned the benefits of long-term buy and hold real estate were much more aligned with his goals. 

Through analyzing hundreds of multi-family properties, Tim has built an incredible network of real estate professionals, owns, controls, or has directly been involved in over 1,000 income producing units and looks forward to acquiring 5,000 multi-family units within the next three years.

Through his years in the military, Tim has not only learned the power of high-level leadership, teamwork, discipline, and grit; he became a certified Command Financial Specialist, educating hundreds of Sailors and Marines on personal finance and creating financial freedom… Tim rapidly found another life passion!

As the Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief on the incredible platform, Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), Tim is helping active, reserve, and other military affiliated personnel realize their financial freedom goals through real estate investing.

Tim earned a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University while on active duty.

Tim is now a Senior Managing Partner of both Kelly Housing Group and ADPI Capital where he and his partners invest in and syndicate multi family property in the affordable housing space with a focus on apartment complexes, mobile home communities, and storage facilities. 

He is married to his lovely wife, Allyson, and they are passionate about being active in the community by giving back to the military. Tim also loves playing shows and drumming with his band, seeing live music and concerts, scuba diving and traveling the world!

Schedule your FREE CALL with Tim NOW!